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Charlestown Private Hospital
Hunter Eye Hospital

250 Pacific Highway
Charlestown NSW 2290
Phone 02 4943 1003
Fax: 02 4943 1004
Email: admin@charlestownprivatehospital.com.au
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Your Stay

Admission to Charlestown Private Hospital and Hunter Eye Hospital is initiated by your surgeon.

At the time of booking your procedure at the surgeon’s rooms you will receive a Patient Admission Package which includes the admission forms and reply paid envelope, patient information brochure, patient rights and responsibilities brochure.

The patient brochure can also be downloaded from this page.

So that we can prepare for your stay please complete your admission forms and return them in the reply paid envelope ASAP. Completed admission forms can also be faxed to 02 4943 1004 or emailed to admin@charlestownprivatehospital.com.au

Before Admission

Your doctor will provide you with a number of forms which need to be completed and posted back to us in the reply paid envelope as soon as possible.  These forms can be faxed or emailed.  This will enable our staff to register your details and minimize any delays on our arrival for admission.


Charlestown Private Hospital and Hunter Eye Hospital has contracts with most health funds.  If you have agreed with your health fund to pay an excess or a co-payment or if your procedure is  cosmetic you will be asked to pay this on the day of your admission.

Patients covered by basic, public hospital or restricted benefits will be asked to sign a healthfund claim form and will be required to pay the fees on admission.

We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Mastercard and we have EFTPOS facilities.

If you have any queries regarding your visit to Charlestown Private Hospital, please call between 8.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday and we will be happy to assist you.

If You Become Ill Before Surgery

If you develop a cough, cold or develop any other illness you should contact your doctor and the staff at Charlestown Private Hospital as your surgery may need to be postponed to a later date.

Pre-Operative Telephone Call

One or two days prior to your procedure you will receive a telephone call from our nursing staff.  The nurse will advise you of your arrival time, your fasting times and review your medical history with you.

This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about your admission and post-operative care. The call will last approximately ten minutes.

Day of Surgery

  • Shower or bath at home. You may use deodorant, but do not use talcum powder, face creams, makeup, perfumes or aftershave
  • You may wear your wedding ring, but leave all other jewellery at home
  • Wear comfortable clothing as you may have to change into a hospital gown
  • It is important to continue all of your normal medications unless your doctor has instructed you otherwise
  • Please bring all of your medications, in their original containers
  • If you have diabetes or are taking blood thinning medication, you will need to discuss the management of your medications with your doctor and anaesthetist

On Arrival at the Hospital

Park in the public car park off Powell Street and enter the building into the basement car park, follow the signs to the lift and go to the reception on the 3rd floor. Our reception staff will go through your admission process with you.

Drop Off / Pick Up / Disabled Access

For disabled access, drop off or pickup only, you can enter the building from the Pacific Highway, drive down to the basement car park and park in the hospital assigned car parks or disabled car park. From there you can take the lift to third floor reception.

Hospital Admission

Our nursing staff will then prepare you for your procedure.


You will have a private consultation with the anaesthetist before your procedure. The anaesthetist will ask you about your general health, any allergies, your current  medications and any previous surgery or illnesses. You may be asked to sign a consent form for the anaesthetic.

You will be monitored by the anaesthetist during your procedure.

Your Procedure

More than 60% of all surgery in Australia is now performed in day hospitals.

You will see the nurses setting up the sterile equipment for your procedure. You may also beaware of noises from the equipment or the voices of the staff in the operating theatre.


On arrival in recovery, you will be monitored in a  bed and when you are ready you will be moved to a comfortable recliner chair. You will be given light refreshments.

The nurse in charge of the recovery area will assess whether you are ready for discharge.

You will be discharged into the care of an adult and will be given written post-operative instructions to take home.

When You Go home

Allow yourself time to recover and rest during the first 24 hours.

Things to avoid:

  • Driving a car until authorized by your doctor
  • Signing important documents (first 24 hours after your anaesthetic)
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking (first 24 hours after your anaesthetic)
  • Operating machinery (first 24 hours after your anaesthetic)
  • Strain or strenuous activity
  • Looking after small children

Post-Operative Telephone Call

You will receive a call from our nursing staff in the first few days after your procedure to discuss your post—operative care.

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